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Every week more than a thousand users visit the Pscience5 site to browse, read, and download software. As the content available on the site steadily increases, so does the number of people visiting and the amount of bandwidth being used. This is all good of course because that's what the site is for! However whilst the site is completely free to use, it costs me money. Currently in excess of £100 per year and rising - not including the time and effort involved. And as you may (not ) have noticed, the site runs without any banner or popup ads to cover these costs.

If you'd like to help ensure that I can continue to provide free service to you and all the other users please consider making a donation via the PayPal button below. Any amount is very welcome; nothing is too small - it all helps. If you don't have a PayPal account but would still like to help then please feel free to contact me arrange some other means.

To help say a public 'thank you' to everyone who helps, I've established a 'Hall of Thanks' below. There should be a comments box available on the PayPal page so please just let me know your name, approximately where abouts in the world you're based, and any other feedback you'd care to leave. Obviously it's not compulsory and if you'd prefer to remain anonymous then that's fine too - just let me know. Or feel free to drop me an email with the details once you've donated.

Thank you very much for your support.

Pscience5 Donations: ‘Hall of Thanks’

Contributor Location/Country Contributor's Comments
Craig Ward UK “Superb site, and thanks to you I have all the missing software. I have included a donation, as your site is just brilliant for all psion users out there.”
Stuart Johnson Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Anonymous The Netherlands “Hello Martin, I made a small donation. Just for all the joy.”
Marc Bruna The Netherlands “Another Dutch appreciation. Thanks to your info my 7Book has become as useful as it is now. Keep EPOC alive!”
Ernest Feasey Erith, Kent, UK “Useful site, have used for a number of years for my Revo, time to return the favour.”
Andrew Bell Surbiton, Surrey, UK “While most individuals and software houses move onto pastures new, calling time on the Psion Series of PDAs, this website is proving to be an invaluable resource for anybody still wishing to use these machines. Many thanks.”
Anonymous Broadstairs, Kent, UK
Dirk van Schravendijk Velserbroek, Netherlands “As a frequent Psion-user and 'repair/sales'-person in the Psion usersgroup in Holland I appreciate your work. Go on!”
Brian Dietrich San Francisco, California, USA “Your site has been invaluable to me. Keep up the good work!”
Colin Messer Middlesex, UK “Thanks, you have added much richness to the Psion community.”
Anonymous New York City, USA “Rather be anonymous, thanks. Great site.”
Stuart Johnson Flagstaff, Arizona, USA “Keep up the good work with your website. Thanks again as always.”
Toni Woodward Weston super Mare, UK “I have just made a donation to hopefully keep your valuable and very useful website going. Please keep up the good work.”
Anonymous Bergen, Netherlands “Keep up the good work! With kind regards.”
Jake Fisher Costa Rica “Thank you for providing an indispensable Psion site!”
Keith Giles Sunnyvale, California, USA “I'm grateful that someone is collecting all the Psion apps and making them available to all.”
Want your own little bit of fame and help support the Pscience5 site too? Well click on the button above, make a donation, and I'll add you to the Pscience5 ‘Hall of Thanks’!

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Wednesday, 26 April 2006