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'Extras' - the Extras Bar launcher for use with ExtraBars


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'Extras' is actually 2 small programs/macros - Extras5 and Extras7. Extras5 is for use on a Psion Series 5 / 5mx / MC218 / revo / mako / etc. Extras7 is for use on a Psion Series 7 or netBook. The program(s) trigger the launch of the built-in Extras bar from other 3rd party program launchers. They were originally designed for use with Jason Kneen's ExtraBars program - but could be used with others such as Macro5, HotKeys, etc. 'Extras' is freeware.

To get an idea of how it looks in practice, have a look at the screenshot on the ebc page. The 'Extras' icons can be seen as the bottom right-most application/icon. I have ExtraBars set up so that it captures the Extras key - but then tapping on this 'Extras' icon launches the original Extras bar...


The inspiration for 'Extras' came from Ulrich Hornstein on the EPOC Digest - thanks Ulrich! :) The EPOC Digest ( is a free, daily (usually) email digest sent privately to - and run by - EPOC enthusiasts. Recommended.

To use 'Extras':

To use 'Extras', you will need to have the Macro5Lib.sis library installed. I haven't included it in this zip file as it's normally installed with ExtraBars, Macro5, etc. and is certainly available from those usual sources. Chances are that if you have one of these program launchers installed then you've already got the Macro5 libraries installed too.

You can run Extras5/Extras7 from anywhere - just double-tap on the file and you'll see what it does. However, it probably makes sense to put the program with your other macros.

If using with ExtraBars then copy the EBExtras.ico to c:\System\Apps\ExtraBars\Data\ (or on d: if that's where you've installed ExtraBars). Make sure that you 'Update Applications' <Ctrl+Shift+U> in ExtraBars in order that icon will become visible to the program. Then on any ExtraBars bar that you want to add the Extras bar launcher to (whew!) just add a macro pointing to wherever you've put Extras5/7. Once added, edit the shortcut and you can change the icon so that it shows as the Extras bar icon (I recommend selecting the <Run macro in background> option too although this isn't critical). Personally, I've added this shortcut to every ExtraBars bar I have on the far right of the lowest bar - i.e. just next to the Extras silkscreen button and the used the option in ExtraBars to capture this button by ExtraBars.

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Saturday, 1 April 2006