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My Hardware & Software Setup

Page Created: 30th March, 1999 Last Update: 31st March, 2006



My PC has gradually evolved from a 25MHz 386SX back in 1992 to what it is now - an Athlon 2400+ machine running Windows XP. Specifically, it contains:

AMD Athlon 2400+ processor
Elite K7SOM+ ATX motherboard (onboard LAN, sound, video, 266MHz FSB, etc.)
1x 512MB, 266MHz, CAS2.5 DDR SDRAM
An 80GB EIDE UDMA/100 drive running as the boot drive
A 20GB EIDE UDMA/66 drive
HP SuperStore 8100i CD-Writer
Pioneer 10x DVD / 40x CD drive
A Canon Ixus v3 digital camera (CF card swappable with the Psion)
An iPod 60MB mp3 player
An Infrared adaptor permanently connected to a USB port - see why here.
All the other normal peripherals: printer, scanner, etc... Oh, and a Compact Flash card reader! ;-)


A 64Mb netBook (i.e. inc. 32Mb DIMM), an 8Mb Revo, a Series 5mx, and an original 8Mb Series 5 (upgraded to the v1.01 ROM and repaired once to combat breaking hinges and peeling paint). Also an assortment of CF cards - the largest of which (currently 2GB - partitioned into 4) stays in my netBook as it's my day-to-day machine. The others are used mainly with my digital camera. Also a PCMCIA adaptor, various PCMCIA modems, and multiple power supplies!



Win XP, Office 2000, Frontpage 2000 (not that I use it anymore - this site is now run from my Psion!), Internet Explorer v6.x, PsiWin 2.3.3, EPOC Emulator & ER5 SDK, + absolutely loads of other stuff; much of it junk!

The software on my Psion at any given time tends to vary considerably as I'm forever downloading things to try out on it.  'Core'programs that I use on a daily basis however are: Agenda, DreamConnect, Data, Word, Spell, Email, Porfolio, abp5, ExtraBars, Clock5, PsiDat, and VoiceMan5.  Others that use frequently would be: RMRZip, MBMView, Route, Citymaps, EBook, Opera, NetUtils, nFTP, TomeRaider - oh, and Program itself of course!  :-) netBook
Anything else?:

Well, perhaps the best indication of what anyone uses a lot is to have a look on their Extras bar. Since upgrading to a netBook for daily use, my Extras bar has grown (literally - since it lets you have 8 x 10 applications on it v's the 5/5mx's 8 x4). Starting with a little history from a few years ago:-

The contents of my Extras bar in July 2000...

My Extras bar at the beginning of July 2000...

My Extras bar on 14th October 2000...

My Extras bar at 14th October 2000.

My netBook's Extras bar, February 2003...

My (netBook) Extras bar at February 2003.

Fast forward to the present day (well, September 2003) and my Extras bar has long since overflowed!  I'm now using ExtraBars to manage all my applications (in colour of course).  Here's a selection of 'Bars (and hence apps.) on my machine:-

The fun stuff...  :)

The serious stuff...  :(

The clever stuff...!

The secret stuff...  ;)

The 'moving' stuff...  :))

The useful stuff...

The connected stuff...

So there you have it. The only ExtraBar I've left off for now is my 'Programming' one - and that because it's got some stuff on it that I don't want to show just yet! ;)

Feel free to email me with any comments...

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Saturday, 1 April 2006