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This is theoretically a page of programs that might be categorised as fully-fledged 'applications' (as opposed to utilities, etc.). However it's also likely to be a 'catch-all' to a certain extent for programs that don't naturally fall into the categories.

‘Lost & Found’ - Applications

File Description
5Account (162KB) 5Account - by Simon Berridge - is a banking and personal ledger system designed specifically to take advantage of the Psion Series 5mx/Revo/7 available functions and databases. Formerly shareware, the author has released a generic registration key to make it freeware. Key is included in the zip file. v5.1 Freeware
5Account - User manual (503KB) Zipped user manual in PDF format.

Key features of 5Account:
• Many accounts
• Many categories
• Many standing orders
• Many transactions
• QIF Import/Export
• Export to CSV files
• Optimised for speed
• 5Account has been designed to be a friendly intuitive environment and supports both pen/pointer and keyboard entries so that the user can use 5Account as he feels most comfortable.
• 5Account will show the user his net worth at a glance, he can review the transactions within the system, reconcile those transactions, add new transactions, set up standing orders which can be for always or limited by a number of entries or an end date, and modify entries.
• 5Account is a multi-currency system which allows for many currencies. All you have to do is add a new currency, set its conversion rate to your home currency and from then on you can add a transaction in the new currency and the result will be automatically converted to your home currency.
• 5Account lets you maintain these currency conversion rates at any time without affecting the existing written transactions, thereby allowing for daily fluctuations in the rate.
AstroPlan (108KB) AstroPlan by Philippe Laurent is an astrology program for the Series 5/mx. Works okay on a netBook/S7 but I don't think it'll work on a revo. v1.2 (56KB) BusyView gives 4 additional views for your Agenda file(s): Busy view, Calendar view, List view, and Horizontal view. Sadly its author - Lieuwe de Vries - died in late 2002. However his family have very kindly consented for his programs to be released freely to the community. Hence here is the last version he published (v2.60) with a generic registration code in the zip file so that his work can continue to be useful to those who never knew him or his software when he was alive. Believed to be compatible with all EPOC ER5 machines. (68KB) ConvertPro - by Purple Software - is an extensible conversions program for all EPOC machines. It handles conversions for Acceleration, Area, Circles, Currency, Dates, Density, Energy, General Constants, Illuminance, Length, Mass, Multiples, Permutations, Power, Pressure, Temperatures, VAT Calculations, Velocity, and Volumes as standard. I've also included a importable category covering WeightWatchers Points.

It was originally a commercial product but was given away for free by Purple after a while - hence why I've included it here. If anyone has any additional categories of their own, please feel free to send them to me and I'll include them in this download file. The colour icon/patch for the program is in my normal Colour Icons files. v1.01F (042)
Dic (843KB) Dic is a dictionary handling program. It's supplied here with 7 dictionaries which are: German>Norwegian, English>Norwegian, English>French, English>Flemish, English>Swedish, Norwegian>German, and Norwegian>English (I believe - please let me know if I have some of this incorrect and I'll correct this list). It's believed however that there were originally many more dictionaries available for the program and so if you know of any or have any please email them to me in order that they can be shared with others. Dic was originally written by Otfried Cheong in 1998 and was supplied as freeware as far as I know. v1.06
Dic files... A collection of Dictionary files for use with the above application. (139KB) DstEdit is a basic text file manager. It allows you to 'attach' pain text files and load/edit/save them in a simple built in text editor. I have added a PDF file to the zip explaining its use. v1.2 (95KB) Psion/Symbian's text editor application. Essentially performs the same as Notepad in Windows - ideal for quick text editing as well as more complex stuff. 3 versions supplied in this zip file: monochrome, colour, and Wins (PC emulator). Runs on any ER5 machine. v1.41(049)
K2 (102KB) K2 is a little-known (outside of Russia I think anyway) compressed document reader - very similar to Tomereader in principal but apparently with a slightly better compression capability (it uses zip compression natively). Written by Robin Hood in 2002, it has (IMHO) the following advantages over Tomeraider: 1) Better compression (by about 5-10% I think), 2) Faster (believe it or not!), and 3) It's free! The help file is in Russian but I don't think this is a big issue as it's pretty self-explanatory. v2.0
K2 files... A small collection of K2 files for use with the above application.
MacConnect (1.2MB) MacConnect - the equivalent of PsiWin but for the Macintosh. This is version 1.0 (as far as I remember - I haven't used a Mac of any sort for years now) so be sure and also download the various upgrades available on my ‘Lost & Found - Psion Files, EPOC’ pages.
MacConnect (649KB) As above but .sit file format for those that can't easily handle .zip files. (68KB) Meter is a fully configurable counting meter (i.e. timer) - i.e. it lets you create customised meters that update before your eyes. For example: Find out the population growth of China. Show how many hours of sunshine there are left. Want to count down the days until your vacation? Ever wondered how much interest your savings have earned this year? You get the idea... Meter was originally published in 1999 by Xilonen as shareware. They have long since left the EPOC scene and hence I am releasing it as 'Abandonware'. I actually have the source code for it and so might be persuaded to devleop it slightly further if there's enough demand. Designed for the 5/mx, it works on the S7/nB in 'letterbox mode'. v1.00
PGP for EPOC (280KB) PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a PC-based program originally written by Phil Zimmerman for encrypting and digitally signing data - often for the purposes of emailing. Steve Godfrey ported the program (actually PGP version 2.6.3ia) to EPOC and released it as freeware. I have added a PDF version of the FAQ on his former website to the zip file also. v1.02F (001) (251KB) ParishFinder5 is an app for locating parishes in the UK and their surrounding parishes. Primarily for genealogy purposes I imagine. Freeware.
Presentation Maker (1.5MB) Psion's Presentation Maker was a commercial application that was originally released for the Psion Series 5/mx, but is also compatible with a Series 7 or Netbook. It provides all the basic formatting tools you would expect, allowing the choice between several predetermined slide designs, including embedding of both 'Sketch' and 'Sheet' objects. Slides can be converted using PsiWin to a format that can be read in PowerPoint to display on a PC, or for further editing.

Presentation Maker no longer appears to be commercially available anywhere (including Psion's own site via Expansys) and so I'm making it available here. It includes the necessary PsiWin converters and the original monochrome Clipart in English, Dutch, French, and German. Colour Icon, patches, and clipart are available on my Colour Icons page. v1.01f (015)
Presentation Maker User Guide (1.7MB) Somsak Chayapong very kindly scanned in a copy of the User Manual for Presentation Maker. Here it is in zipped PDF format. (38KB) PsiBio - by Michael Mährlein - is a biorhythm program for your Psion. The author is no longer active and no longer supports his program (so don't try to email him for support) but has kindly given permission for PsiBio to be hosted here. My thanks to Frank Galenzowski for sending this app. and for discussing with the author. Freeware. v1.22 (3KB) ResCodes (short for Resistor Codes) by Gareth Clarke is a small program for working out the values of resistors and tolerances from their colour codes. Written in 1998 as freeware, his website has long since gone. v1.0 (61KB) This was a freeware offering from Palmtop (nowadays called TomTom) and is an secure database application for storing all your PIN numbers, passwords, ID details, etc.., etc. Palmtop/TomTom no longer offer any EPOC software so here it is... Believed to be compatible with all EPOC ER5 machines. v1.1 (Build 16.12.1999)
Sketch for Revo (78KB) When Psion released the revo/revo+, one of the criticisms of it was that thay'd removed the Sketch app. from ROM. So Psion released a copy for users to install themselves if they wished. This is it. v1.05
VReader5 (84KB) VReader5 is a vertical reader application - i.e. an eBook reader - and worthy competition for Simon Quinn's EBook application (also available as freeware). It allows you to display textual information, stored in eText (electronic text) files, in different orientations, in different font styles, to find and remember places in the text using bookmarks, use selected portions of the text into another application, much like you would do with a real book. VReader5 also works in conjunction with Peter Csutora's Encrypt-it! to enable access to encrypted files, and provides an automatic scrolling mode (autocue) for speakers. Supports TXT, TCR, and Palm Doc (PRC) formats. Freeware. v2.01

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Friday, 1 December 2006