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This is a list of software that I'm actively looking for in order to add it to the ‘Lost & Found’ collection. Please have a look and let me know if you can contribute anything - thanks! Similarly, if you are looking for a particular program that might fall into my ‘Lost & Found’ definition, let me know. If I can't find it I'll add it to the list here and maybe someone else can help in turn.

‘Lost & Found’ - Looking for...

Program/File Author Description
5creen: Clock module Mark O'Neill This was a bouncing clock module for Mark O'Neill's 5creen saver program.
5creen: DIY Kit Mark O'Neill This was a kit of instructions and code enabling the user to create their own 5creen modules.
Colorshow ? This was a presentation program for the Geofox One which could convert powerpoint shows and add speaker notes. As described at
Invasion - full version Thomas Ashton Whilst I have the game in the games section with a generic key; apparently this key is only partially successfull in registering the game as some of the top levels of the game don't work. I suspect that this was a bug in the program as I heard reports of its author emailing working full versions to people in the past. If anyone has one of these 'full' versions, I'd like to be able to offer it instead.
MaskGen Unknown A program called MaskGen which apparently created masks from bitmaps - a potentially useful tool for icon generation.
Newpolidiom Ivo Ponsen Newpolidiom is another long lost dictionary program. I have v1.0 and the revo version of the program but am looking for v1.1 and any of the large numbers of dictionaries that were originally available.
Onyx 100 Thomas Goeddenhenrich Onyx 100 was a shareware version of OnyxL (Onyx Light) with many more levels (100) compared with the freeware 'lite' version (9 levels). Onyx is a 'roll-a-ball' platform game. I don't need OnyxL by the way - thanks.
Oracle OPX X.Soft Apparently an alpha version of an OPX module that allows you to develop Oracle Lite applications in OPL...
PsiNMEA - English manual Torsten Baumbach I already have a German manual for PsiNMEA. Just wondered if there was an English one to go with it before I publish PsiNMEA here? Or would anyone be prepared to translate a German manual into English perhaps...?

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Tuesday, 25 April 2006