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"Clever PDA Software" The headline for many years on PocketIQ's website. "We are committed to providing you with top quality shareware and freeware software for your Psion or other Symbian/EPOC compatible computer." PocketIQ was an EPOC spin-off site from Palmscape I think and took over the sales/marketing of a reasonably large collection of mostly shareware applications.

The website was a bit intermittent for the first few months of this year (2006) and eventually went completely offline around mid-year. Hence I'll start to try to capture below all the applications and associated files that used to be available.

‘Lost & Found’ - PocketIQ Applications

File Author Description
BatCheck (50KB) Peter Csutora BatCheck is a small and extremely useful application that monitors the status of the main and backup batteries. A must with rechargeable (NiCd or NiMH) batteries. These keep their voltage constant for a while, then even before your Psion gives you any warning they get exhausted. By configuring BatCheck to your own needs you will be warned in time to change batteries.

• Unlike other programs that only tell you the status of the batteries when they are in foreground, BatCheck will gauge the battery levels at certain time intervals (1-60 minutes, selectable).
• Normally the program sits in the background using virtually no battery power itself, wakes up when its time for a checking, and goes back to sleep if the batteries are good, without disturbing you or being noticed. If the batteries are not good, the program comes to the foreground and warns you.
• You can select two warning levels for both the main and backup batteries: a 'low' and a 'replace' voltage level. By setting a warning level higher than the built-in levels you can prevent accidents caused by sudden battery power loss.
• If you want, you can ask the program not to warn you repeatedly, only once the first time when the main or backup levels reach the low level. Next time it will only warn you if the machine has been switched off then back on, or when they reach the replace level.
• You can ask the program to do a check at every switching on. If you have lots of other startup programs, you can select a delay time for battery check (0-20 seconds), so it will pop up after all the startup programs are done with their jobs.
• You can also ask the program to monitor if the external power is connected or not. This is great if you use your machine plugged-in, and the plug slips out of the machine without being noticed.
• You can select a top limit for the main batteries, to prevent accidental overcharge of rechargeable batteries by the mains adaptor.
• The program will tell you the voltage in 2 decimal values for greater accuracy (e.g. 2.28 Volts).
• Toolbar support and full system-compliance. Help file included.
• The program is compatible with the Psion Series 5/5mx, Revo/Revo Plus, Series 7/netBook classes of computers. The Help contains warning level suggestions for 5/5mx machines. In any case, it is recommended that you experiment with different warning levels and select the ones that best fit you, as battery types and machine usage varies.

[English, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian] Freeware v1.24
Bunny (37KB) Daniel Sissman Bunny is an amusing card game based around an old card trick. Works on all EPOC machines and in colour on colour devices. v1.04 Freeware
Business Warrior (232KB) Eric Sebban Business Warrior is a Sales Environment Manager for symbian devices. Associate tasks, appointment, notes for each opportunity. Calculate statistics within Business Warrior and see your status and objectives. v8.00
Business Warrior - Colour bitmaps (64KB) Eric Sebban Colour bitmaps and icons for use on netBook, Series 7, and netPad.
Business Warrior - ER3 version (229KB) Eric Sebban Series 5 / Geofox version of Business Warrior.

• Manage your opportunities separately
• Enter all your appointments and tasks according to the chosen oppotunity
• Calculate sales statistics
• Manage your contact for each account
• Contacts are directly linked to the EPOC contact application (ER5 only)
• Synchronise appointments and tasks in your preferred agenda file
• Very easy to use
Business Warrior - ER5 Emulator version (275KB) Eric Sebban Version for running on the ER5 (Wins) emulator.
Business Warrior - ER6 Emulator version (293KB) Eric Sebban Version for running on the ER6 (Wins) emulator.
Business Warrior - ER6 version (319KB) Eric Sebban ER6 version of Business Warrior.

Business Warrior is the Sales Engineer or Manager assistant. Business Warrior tracks your opportunities and sales according to accounts. Business Warrior helps the user to organise work around a context dedicated to a couple of Account/Project. Business Warrior manage different kind of lists which represent your agenda, to-dos, opportunities, expenses and phone calls. A statistics view lets users know in real time sales results. Each list can be filtered according to a specific account/project or for all accounts/projects. Other filters are available and offer efficient account management.
Business Warrior - User manual (52KB) Eric Sebban User Manual for Business Warrior in PDF format.
Compactor (43KB) Daniel Sissman Compactor is a data file compactor. It compacts the following file types: Agenda files, Data files, Jotter files, and Help files. v1.21 Freeware
Contact Manager (68KB) Colin Shearing Contact Manager is a Contact Management application which allows you to manage efficiently all your interaction with contacts, both business and personal. Contact Manager offers full compatibility with the built in Data, Agenda and Internet software which allows linking of the built in applications. Contact Manager is fast and allows contact information to be found quickly and with the minimum number of keypresses.

Contact Manager is available in 2 versions:

• Contact Manager v5.1 for use on both the Psion 5 and the Psion 5mx. This version of Contact Manager utilises a standard Psion Data file in order to hold contact data. This means that contact data can easily be passed from one machine to another and read on any machine by using the standard Data application.

• Contact Manager (mx) v1 is for use only on the Psion 5mx. This version of Contact Manager utilises the data held in the built in Contacts application but provides a far better interface with links to other standard applications such as Agenda, Data and the internet software.

Originally shareware, Colin Shearing has long since been away from the Psion scene and there is no way of registering this abandoned program. Hence I am supplying it with a generic registration code in the zip file.
Contact Manager (mx) (71KB) Colin Shearing Key Features:

Contact manager is based around a Psion database file and will:
• Store contact details - name, address, tel nos (home, work, mobile), e-mail address, web site details.
• Allows a note file to be attached, unattached etc.
• Has a find facility
• Run the browser for any web address held
• Create a fax to any fax number held
• Find any entries in Agenda containing the contacts name and displays them
• Paste tel nos, fax number address, etc to the application being worked on or puts them on the clipboard
• Allow appointments to be made with the contact and writes the appointment to Agenda
• Will store Mailing Lists and create an e-mail for a mailing list
• Allows the import of existing Psion Data files
Convert5 Pro (132KB) DevRag Software Convert5 Pro is a professional unit conversion suite for many common and not so common units. It includes lots of ancient and other countries units as well. (e.g. Biblical, Troy, Typography, Roman, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mexican etc). It even features unique UK salary calculations.

• 25 built in unit groups, containing nearly 500 units.
• One unit to all units unique conversion (within default group).
• Precise conversion up to 12 decimal points.
• Keeps "History" of up to last 28 conversion used and gives one quick touch button access.
• If the built in conversion groups do not fulfil your requirements, you can create your own unit groups (this allows you to create up to 7 user groups, each containing 10 units).

Convert5 Pro was shareware but as far as I can see, DevRag Software are no longer taking registrations. The reg. code is tied to your machine's UID. So if anyone wants: drop me a line with your machine's UID and I can generate a code for you.
Convert5 Pro - revo version (127KB) DevRag Software Apart from unit conversion, Convert5 Pro has many other facilities:

• Sizes for different paper standard.
• Sizes for cloths and shoes for men, women and children for different countries.
• Sizes for different television screen standard.
• Relative ration between two different items.
• Mark up/down.
• Price comparison for buying two different items.
• VAT (Sales Tax) calculation.
• Unique PAYE (Pay As You Earn - Income Tax) calculator for UK.
• Gross to Net and Net to Gross precise salary calculation.
DCP (231KB) Eric Sebban A Desktop Manager for EPOC Devices. DCP is a complete desktop replacement and DCP supports HOTKEYS (direct access to a Desktop with CTRL+FN+).

Create Shortcuts to Files, Folders, Applications, URLs, Agenda entries, Contacts. Place Shortcuts every where in the screen, launch them with single or double click, affect hotkeys on each of them. Create Stickers and Notes, open them with one click! Additional Views like Calc, Ultra Fast File Manager, Today view (enter new appointments and todos directly from this view), Reminders with Alarms. Link management with Projects, Contacts and Agenda entries. Attach Notes or Documents to agenda entries or contacts. Manage different aspects of your EPOC device : Memory, Battery , Backlight, Link and Sound control with one click. Open the Control Panel directly from DCP.

Update: Eric has kindly released a generic registration code for DCP - effectively making it freeware! :-
Username : freeware
Keycode : 27867
DCP - 7.84 (207KB) Eric Sebban Some users reported issues with v8.00 being set out less logically than previous versions - so here's the previous version (v7.84) for anyone that wants it.
DCP - Colour patch files (114KB) Eric Sebban Use these bitmap files to replace the originals so as to run the program in colour on colour machines.
DCP - ER3 version (227KB) Eric Sebban Additional features:

• Manage multi-desktops with shortcuts to your preferred applications or files
• Create stickers and notes
• New file manager available quicker than the system one
• Write anything directly on the screen with the pen (rubber available too)
• Calculate small operations with currency conversion with the built-in DCP calc
• Create agenda entries (appointments and tasks) directly from DCP
• Get the current memory and battery status
• Change Link and Sound status on the fly
• Monitor backlight and generate battery warnings
• Change the contrats with one click
DCP - Emulator version (299KB) Eric Sebban Emulator (Wins) version of DCP.
DCP - User guide (2.2MB) Eric Sebban User Guide in zipped PDF format.
Dark Horizon (281KB) JS Greenwood Dark Horizon is a space exploration / combat game. Includes pre-rendered planet-based animations, high quality digitised speech, multiple levels of difficulty, powerful computer AI, load & save options and many other features, including support for colour screens.

Works on all EPOC machines. Shareware v1.22
Dark Horizon - Colour artwork package (246KB) JS Greenwood Colour patch files for use on colour machines.

The idea of the game is simple - colonise all of the planets of a solar system whilst protecting yourself from the alien colonies inhabiting other planets of the system. Train your forces, select their weapons, buy ships, transport goods, set tax-rates, control ore mining and agricultural production, spy on the enemy, terraform new planets, and wage war... Control civilians and military in real-time across an entire solar system in an epic struggle for supremacy. Intelligent aliens grow in strength as the game progresses, magnetic storms sweep the system, scientific discoveries are made, and worlds are won or lost. All of this and much, much more in the largest OPL game ever produced for EPOC. Dark Horizon - why build up cities when you can burn down planets?
ETools (146KB) DevRag Software ETools is a suite of unique Engineering Tools. It calculates and solves problems for Stress, Vibrations, Differential Equations and Algebra. It's got a Numerical problem solver and lots more. ETools includes basic theories and is designed primarily for engineers and students.

This version of ETools includes the following plug-ins containing 76 different types of calculations:

• Stress 1
• Stress 2
• Vibrations
• Algebra
• Numerica
• Differential Equations

ETools was shareware but as far as I can see, DevRag Software are no longer taking registrations. The reg. code is tied to your machine's UID. So if anyone wants: drop me a line with your machine's UID and I can generate a code for you.
Encrypt-It! (106KB) Peter Csutora Encrypt-it! is a high security file encryption utility.

• Featuring two very strong algorithms: a 256-bit RC-4-workalike and a 128-bit Safer SK. They are both used in many commercial applications like Netscape, Oracle, Lotus Notes, Apple security, etc. So far no one could crack them!
• Written in C++ and supplied as an OPX file, these algorithms work very fast: the top speed of RC-4WA is 90 kB/s, and Safer SK-128 is 52 kB/s (measured on a 1.5 MB file). This means that a typical file of 30 kB is processed in less than a second!
• Encrypt-it! is the only encryption program to use a one-way hash message digest function (Secure Hash Algorithm, programmed in C++) to make the final key used by the algorithm very secure.
• It scrambles simple passwords like "NikonF5" into almost true random characters.
• Furthermore, the program is able to generate unique keys even if you use the same password for several files.
• Securely wipes files before deletion to ensure that portions of files can't be recovered using disk editors.
• With all these features Encrypt-it! is the strongest and fastest encryption utility ever created for a Psion palmtop! The program itself is small, and very easy to use.
• Encrypts and decrypts any type of file.
• Batch mode: select up to 100 files from any folders, even entire folders, then encrypt/decrypt them using a single push of a button. You can even mix files to be encrypted and files to be decrypted in the list.
• Quick Decrypt function: if you want, you can decrypt a file quickly by launching it from the system screen.
• Quick Update function: the program launches files after decrypting them (Data, Agenda, Word, and most files created by third-party programs). After you edited the file it encrypts the file automatically. If the file was not changed, the un-encrypted version is wiped and deleted from the disk to make the process really safe. This is a great way to password protect even Agenda and Data files!
• Also features a stand-alone wiping tool: use it to "wipe" the free space on either the internal drive or a compact flash disk. This way, sensitive data even from deleted, un-encrypted files can't be recovered.
• Compresses Data files before encrypting to save disk space.
• Special integration with VReader5 to password protect text, e-text and tcr files.
• The program comes with an extended Help file.

Installs in English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Danish, or Hungarian. v4.0 Shareware - see Peter's home page at for details.
Encrypt-It! - User Manual (184KB) Peter Csutora A user manual in PDF format for Encrypt-It!
FlashBack (49KB) Peter Csutora FlashBack is a fully customisable compact flash-based backup utility for the Psion Series 5, 5mx and compatible machines. It is sophisticated yet easy to use. You just define personal profiles containing single files, folders or entire folder trees, and FlashBack takes care of the rest. It closes files that are open, backs up the profile, encrypts the files, then reopens the files it closed earlier. It reminds you whenever a backup is due. It checks the battery status to make sure that you never start a backup with low main batteries. You can also create shortcuts in your favourite folder: just one click on a shortcut, FlashBack starts, and performs the backup without one more keypress required. A detailed Help and Topic Help screens help you get started.

• You can define three profiles with completely independent settings. Each profile can store up to 120 items. An item can be a single file, a file folder, or an entire folder tree. This way, if a file folder grows or changes, its new files and folders will automatically be included and updated.
• Built-in encryption. Uses encryption technology from the author's other shareware program, Encrypt-it! This will ensure the highest security and full compatibility with your other encrypted files.
• A reminder to alert you when a scheduled backup is due.
• Backup with one push of a button: you can create a desktop shortcut for a profile. Clicking on this shortcut will start the program, backup files for the selected profile automatically, and quit the program when the task is finished. A convenient way to backup directly from ExtraBars, HotKeys or Macro5!
• You can define whether you want to close open files and reopen them, simply close them, or just skip the process after backup.
• You can even configure the program to backup from one compact flash card to another! Just use one profile to backup from the card to the internal drive temporarily, change cards, and use another profile to backup these files to the other card.
• Built-in battery level check and other convenient functions.
• Full pen support, graphical printing, Topic Help screens, and detailed Help file.

v1.2 Shareware - see Peter's home page at for details.
HTML Designer (90KB) Colin Shearing HTML Designer is an HTML & WML editor, for creating and maintaining web pages. Designed for use by those already familiar with HTML and/or WML. Originally shareware, Colin Shearing has long since been away from the Psion scene and there is no way of registering this abandoned program. Hence I am supplying it with a generic registration code in the zip file. Runs on all EPOC machines. v2.1
HTML Designer - ER3 version (116KB) Colin Shearing As above but for Series 5 machines.
JotPad (73KB) Colin Shearing JotPad is a special jotter application for the Revo that can make quick entries into Agenda without having to open Agenda. Is it just another jotter?

Yes it is a jotter but one with a big difference. If you have ever wished that you could do one or all of the following then JotPad is for you.

• Make a quick entry into Agenda without having to Open Agenda, find the correct menu item etc. before you can start.
• Be able to show automatically any Agenda items due (or overdue) either when you first switch on your Psion each day or every time the Psion is switched on.
• Be able to have customised views of Agenda.
• Be able to have all your jotter entries in Agenda where they are always available rather than in all sorts of different applications where you cannot always find them quickly.

JotPad can do all of the above. JotPad for the Revo is based on the principle of the original JotPad application but has been totally rewritten and adapted especially for the Revo.

JotPad features the following:

• the ability to write to-do, day or event entries into Agenda without having to open Agenda.
• the ability to view to-do, day or event entries for any specified period and also the ability to edit any of these entries without again having to open Agenda.
• the ability to cross out or delete to-do, day or event entries from any of the views again without having to open Agenda.
the ability to be able to show automatically all entries due (including overdue if required) for the current day at the first switch on of the day after a user specified time or every time the machine is switched on.
• the ability to show this view at any time during the day.
• the ability to show any items due that day at any time
• the ability, when JotPad is running in the background, to recall it for use with the press of one button.

Originally shareware, Colin Shearing has long since been away from the Psion scene and there is no way of registering this abandoned program. Hence I am supplying it with a generic registration code in the zip file. v1.2
LottoWizard (138KB) David Ruehm Bankroll management is an essential element of gambling. LottoWizard is a program that will provide you with a lot of useful information on how you are doing with your National Lottery. It basically is a gambling money management system but also includes the 'Optimiser' that will calculate the best numbers for the next draw based on past drawn no's and various other powerful number generating tools. The program also provides statistics and graphs on past draws and your chosen numbers. v2.40 Freeware
Moon - English (10KB) Peter Csutora Moon is a small and handy application that displays the current phase of the Moon. It also tells you when is the next event coming and what is it, as well as the date of the next New Moon. It doesn't use much memory, so you can leave it running all the time. If you want, it pops up whenever you switch on the machine. To hide it again just click elsewhere on the background, click on an application button or press "h". You can specify where you want it on the screen, and also if you want to have a blank background or not. (Hidden thing: to see an animation of all phases click on the About button in the toolbar). :-) v1.01 Freeware
Moon - German (10KB) Peter Csutora To keep it fast and small Moon doesn't calculate the age of the moon. Instead, it comes with a small database file for each year. You can leave this databases in the Moon folder, and delete the old one when a new year is coming. If you click on the top button of the toolbar Moon will display you the database of the whole year, so you can locate e.g. all Full Moons easily. If you want to get more accurate information about the Moon try Procyon X, the professional astronomy program.
Moon : Database files for 2005-2007 (1KB) Peter Csutora This version was compiled on February 5, 1998. The databases for the years 1998-2000 are included with the program, and you can download the database files for years 2005-2007 separately here. Just copy these files into the folder where Moon has been installed (e.g. c:\system\apps\moon\), and they will be automatically recognised.
Murphy5 (14KB) JS Greenwood Murphy5 is a simple application that displays a quote (which is usually amusing) on the screen every time you switch your Psion (or other EPOC device) on. After reading the quote, you simply hit the spacebar, and you're left to get on with your work. There are over a hundred quotes, so you're not likely to see the same one twice for quite a while. You can even set it to show you a quote once a day, or every time your organiser is switched on. Freeware v1.00
Pipe5 (6KB) DevRag Software Pipe5 is a strategy action game. The aim of the game is to built a pipeline as long as you can before time runs out. Runs on 5/mx/MC218 plus larger screen machines in letterbox mode. Freeware. v1.10f
ProjXpert (245KB) Eric Sebban ProjXpert is a Project Manager assistant. It give you the right tools to manage your professional or personal projects. It enables you to track tasks, time, costs, risks, deliverables and many more things. Version 8.0 Shareware
ProjXpert - Colour patch file for EPOC (69KB) Eric Sebban The replacement mbm file to give colour on colour EPOC machines.
ProjXpert - EPOC Emulator (Wins) version (296KB) Eric Sebban Key features:

• Manage your appointments for each project (ProjXpert associate agenda entries with a project)
• Don'tt forget anything in entering all of your to-dos for each project (To-dos and Tasks may be synchronise with your preferred agenda file)
• Manage planned and real profit on your projects.
• Associate contacts from contact built-in application (ER5) to each project. Retrieve easily a contact in one click on your project.
• Track troubles with your customer. You’ll stay completely informed about troubleshootings resolution.
• Track work time for each project team member.
ProjXpert - ER3 version (241KB) Eric Sebban Version for use on Series 5, Geofox, etc. machines.
ProjXpert - ER6 version (338KB) Eric Sebban ER6 version for use on Nokia 9300, 9500, etc.
ProjXpert - ER6 version (Emulator) (315KB) Eric Sebban ER6 version fir use on PC emulator.
ProjXpert - User Guide (68KB) Eric Sebban User Guide in PDF format.
ReDate (28KB) Colin Shearing ReDate is a utility to run on the Psion in order to redate a file or all files in a folder to the current date. This utility may be of use to programmers who wish to ensure that all their program files are set to the same date for a release or for anyone who wishes to be able to set the date of any file or files within a folder. It will also compact any file/s selected where possible. Freeware
ReDate - ER3 version (28KB) Colin Shearing ER3 version for Series 5, Geofox, and Osaris.
RealTime (41KB) Daniel Sissman A time and date application. Mainly for calculating days: birthdays, Christmas day, days to go, Easter Sunday, find the day, time to go. v5.22 Shareware
Smuggers - Geofox (186KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Smuggers is a fast paced and addictive game. You are in a world of 50 challenging mazes, with 4 enemies, the Smuggers elephant mutants, and a strange spider. Originally shareware, the author recently converted the game to be freeware.
Smuggers - Nokia 9xxx (608KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Try to escape from the Smuggers elephant monsters walking and jumping in many different mazes. You can lose jumps while touching the Spider, but after eating almost all of the points of the maze, the Spider will start blinking. Then you will have 10 seconds to catch the Spider and pass to another level and maze. Are you skilful enough?
Smuggers - Osaris (66KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Some features of Smuggers :

sized to fit the screen of each different machine type, using graylevels or colours;
6 game difficulty levels with or without increasing speed;
50 mazes, in sequence or random order;
1 or 2 players mode;
user defined keys, even after starting the game;
intelligent reading of the keys;
high scores table for each difficulty level;
email high scores function (only on Nokia 9xxx Communicator);
sound (except on Osaris);
two options of animation quality (except on Nokia 9xxx Communicator).
Smuggers - Revo (165KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Smuggers is still available on Roberto's website as well as more information on the game:
Smuggers - Series5/mx (182KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Series 5 / 5mx / MC218 version.
Smuggers - Series7/netBook (244KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Series 7 and netBook version.
Trip+ (64KB) Eric Sebban Trip+ is a travel management utility.

Key features:
• Trip+ will store all the information related to your trips for you.
• Trip+ allows you to enter details for each stage of a specific trip including flight, cruise, railway, car rental, hostel, etc.
• Trip+ helps you to track your expenses (professional or private).
• A Trip+ database may contain more than one trip, so you can manage professionnal trips over a period.
• Trip+ also manages bonuses or miles according to the airline or company.
• Manage both your professional and personal trips
• Track costs

Eric has kindly released a generic registration code for Trip+ - effectively making it freeware! :-
Username : freeware
Keycode : 64125
Trip+ (French) (66KB) Eric Sebban French language version of Trip+.
X-LinK (99KB) Eric Sebban X-Link is a hierarchical tree database application. Create shortcuts to agenda entries, contacts, folders, web sites, notes, files,… X-Link is also a powerful task switcher. X-Link provides a Today view. Use also X-Link as a reminder. Zip file includes colour patch file for making the program run in colour on colour machines. Shareware v4.0
X-LinK - User manual (1.8MB) Eric Sebban User manual in PDF format.

X-Link helps you to organize your important data as you want. For each item created you can add an attached note. For each created item, you can also create new items in a sub-level. No complicated database management, X-Link uses only the file manager in order to store and manage the data, data can also be used on a PC. X-Link offers an enhanced today view as well as a Task Manager.
Yacas (549KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. YACAS (Yet Another Computer Algebra System) is an easy to use, general purpose Computer Algebra System, a program for symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions. It uses its own programming language designed for symbolic as well as arbitrary-precision numerical computations. The system has a library of scripts that implement many of the symbolic algebra operations; new algorithms can be easily added to the library. YACAS comes with extensive documentation (320+ pages) covering the scripting language, the functionality that is already implemented in the system, and the algorithms used. Freeware v1.0.56

See Roberto's web site for further information:
Yacas - Documentation (131KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. Yacas documentation in ASCII text format (more suitable for constrained memory EPOC machines).
Yacas - Function reference (87KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. "Yacas user's function reference" in EPOC Help format written by Rolf Jebasinski.
Yacas - Getting started guide (18KB) Roberto Colistete Jr. "Getting Started with Yacas" in EPOC Word format with outlines written by Rolf Jebasinski.
dCalc - English (78KB) Bob Hepple dCalc is a fully featured RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator as popularised by Hewlett-Packard. Like the HP calculators it operates much more intuitively than calculators with an equals sign. dCalc was formerly shareware but Bob has issued a generic key making the program now freeware. v2.02 5/mx/MC218 - but works in 'letterbox' mode on larger screens.

User: Free License
Code: E75Y2ABF
dCalc - French (78KB) Bob Hepple French version of dCalc.

Program modes:
• Financial mode - compound interest, present value, final value, interest, number of payments etc - these all work in the same way as in the HP calculators. Anuities can be set for the start or the end of the compounding period. Days between dates.
• Scientific mode - Sin, Cos, Tan, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, log, ln, etc and their inverses.
• Statistics mode - Sum, Sum-, mean, std dev, factorial, Permutations & combinations, Linear regression.
• Programming mode - Bin, Oct, Dec, Hex, Ascii and Internet Address (IP) displays. AND OR NOT MOD and shift operations. Prime factors.
• Graphing of (X, Y) functions is built-in with control of axes and labelling and up to three functions on one plot. Plots can be exported to other applications.
dCalc - German (78KB) Bob Hepple German version of dCalc.

• It features nice big clunky keys (easy to hit) and a nice big display.
• dCalc has a full set of stack manipulation keys (Roll, X<>Y, Enter, Sto, Rcl) which are so essential to the effective use of an HP calculator.
• It interoperates well with other Psion programs using the built-in copy and paste functions (^C and ^V shortcuts as normal).
dCalc operates on real numbers with Scientific, Statistics and Financial functions or 32-bit integers (for programmers).
• The precision in Scientific, Financial and Statistics mode is the full precision of the Psion - about 15 significant places of decimals.
• As well as the stack, which is always visible (a nice plus over an actual HP calculator) there are 10 integer and 10 real registers to store numbers.
• All your numbers and settings are saved between sessions.
• Programmable keys - 5 keys (f1-f5) can be programmed by the user to execute the Psion's native OPL language which is similar to Basic. Thus you can create your own keys with your own labels e.g. "R100", a key to generate pseudo random numbers from 0-100 (OPL code is "100*RND") e.g. "%" a percent key by putting "y*x/100" into a function key
• The N-R key provides a Newton-Raphson iterative (numerical) solution for functions. All you need to do is put the function and its derivative (dy/dx)into the f4 and f5 programmable keys (marked f(x) and f?(x) and press the N-R button. If a solution converges in a reasonable time it is put into X.
dCalc - Italian (78KB) Bob Hepple Italian version of dCalc.

The program also features a full set of unit conversions including:
length - mm, cm, m, km, in, feet, mile, nautical mile etc etc
area - acre, hectare, sq. m, sq. mm, sq. in., sq. foot etc etc
volume - gallons, pints, litres, cu. m, cu. feet etc etc
mass - kg, pound, ton, tonne, gram etc etc
speed - kph, mph. ft/s, m/s etc
fuel consumption - mpg, litres/100 km
pressure - atmospheres, mmHg, pounds/, Pascals etc
temperature - centigrade, fahrenheit, Kelvin
currency - up to 36 currencies of your choice
dCalc - Sounce code (170KB) Bob Hepple Source code for dCalc.

dCalc is still available at Bob's website:

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Tuesday, 9 January 2007