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Travel & Languages - anything even vaguely to do with them! Phrase books, dictionaries, vehicle & mileage tracking, GPS, and conversion/exchange utilities.

‘Lost & Found’ - Travel & Language

File Description
Berlitz Phrase Book (248KB) Phrase Book was a commercial application that was originally released for the Psion Series 5/mx, but is also compatible with a Series 7 or Netbook (not sure about the revo - haven't checked, sorry). It no longer appears to be commercially available anywhere (including Psion's own site via Expansys) and so I'm making it available here - although I have seen it offered elsewhere as well. As its name suggests, its a phrase book - in this case for translating typical or common scenario phrases between 13 different languages. Specifically: Dutch, English, Italian, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. v1.00F (Build 970926)
Berlitz Phrase Book - colour patch (96KB) Colin Messer has kindly generated some replacement colour icons for Berlitz Phrase Book when running on a netBook/Series7/netpad/etc. Simply copy the file contained in the zip to c:\system\apps\phrase\ (or same on d: if installed on CF) and replace the original file.
Berlitz Phrase Book - revo patch (12KB) Colin Messer has also kindly generated some replacement icons for Berlitz Phrase Book when running on a revo to make it run better. Simply copy the file contained in the zip to c:\system\apps\phrase\ and replace the original file. (99KB) Conjugue - published by Jean-Baptiste Lernout in 2000 - is a program for conjugating French verbs into the most common tenses. The author has stopped supporting this program and has been sending out copies of the keygen - hence his keygen is supplied here. v3.0 (68KB) ConvertPro - by Purple Software - is an extensible conversions program for all EPOC machines. It handles conversions for Acceleration, Area, Circles, Currency, Dates, Density, Energy, General Constants, Illuminance, Length, Mass, Multiples, Permutations, Power, Pressure, Temperatures, VAT Calculations, Velocity, and Volumes as standard. I've also included a importable category covering WeightWatchers Points.

It was originally a commercial product but was given away for free by Purple after a while - hence why I've included it here. If anyone has any additional categories of their own, please feel free to send them to me and I'll include them in this download file. The colour icon/patch for the program is in my normal Colour Icons files. v1.01F (042)
Dic (843KB) Dic is a dictionary handling program. It's supplied here with 7 dictionaries which are: German>Norwegian, English>Norwegian, English>French, English>Flemish, English>Swedish, Norwegian>German, and Norwegian>English (I believe - please let me know if I have some of this incorrect and I'll correct this list). It's believed however that there were originally many more dictionaries available for the program and so if you know of any or have any please email them to me in order that they can be shared with others. Dic was originally written by Otfried Cheong in 1998 and was supplied as freeware as far as I know. v1.06
Dic files... A collection of Dictionary files for use with the above application. (14KB) M5Logger - freeware by Mark Riley - is a mileage logging program. It allows you to record your present location and trip (speedometer) reading to a database with a time and date stamped entry. This database records whether the trip is personal or business, the actual mileage completed for the journey and gives sub totals of each type of mileage. Designed to run on a 5/mx but also seems to work reasonably well on a netBook/S7. Won't run on a revo/mako properly. v1.1 (15KB) Not to be confused with Richard Gee's MakeOver for EPOC program, this is a DOS command-line program for generating overlay files from text files and visa-versa. Originally published by PalmTop as freeware in 1997, the program seems to have long since disappeared. v1.2 (19KB) Richard Gee's free EPOC program for generating overlay files for Palmtop's Route Planner / Enroute and Street Planner / Citymaps programs from coordinates lists. Text is supported in various longitude-latitude and British OS grid co-ordinate formats. Freeware v2.11 (31KB) MyCar is a fuel monitoring program giving data about your fuel consumption, distances travelled, costs (fixed and variable),etc. The info can be displayed in graphs as well as numerically. Freeware and written by Ad Bosch in 1998, it's no longer available from a home website. The program requires a manual installation: create a \System\Apps\MyCar\ folder on your preferred drive and copy the 4 supplied files into it - the icon will appear on the Extras bar. v32.4 (!) (29KB) PsiTrex is a program to interface with the Garmin eTrex range of GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers. It was designed with the eTrex Summit model in mind, but is believed to work with the eMap and others in the eTrex range. PsiTrex allows waypoints, routes and tracks to be downloaded from the GPS and saved as text files on the Psion. These files can be modified in a standard text editor, and uploaded back to the GPS. PsiTrex also allows waypoints and routes to be typed in on the Psion, and uploaded directly to the GPS – much easier than using the buttons on the eTrex. It was published as un-crippled shareware by KuDaTa in 2002 but their website has disappeared so I guess it's abandoned now. v1.13b (61Kb) This was a freeware offering from Palmtop (nowadays called TomTom) and is an secure database application for storing all your PIN numbers, passwords, ID details, etc.., etc. Palmtop/TomTom no longer offer any EPOC software so here it is... Believed to be compatible with all EPOC ER5 machines. v1.1 (Build 16.12.1999) (79KB) Trainer is a vocabulary training program (i.e. to help to learn words in a different language, etc.) working on the card-index box principle. It was released in 2000 by Oliver Tölker as shareware but his website has long since gone and there is no response to my attempts to contact him so I have released it here with a generic registration code in the zip file. v1.50 (5KB) XChange is a universal currency converter for the Psion
Series 5. Published by Paul Law of LHC Software in September 1997. Compatible with 5, 5mx, and MC218; it will also work on a Series 7/netBook in 'letterbox' mode but won't work properly on a revo/revo+/mako. Freeware. v1.1

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Friday, 31 March 2006