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Emulator-specific versions (sometimes known as 'Wins' version) of some of the EPOC programs in the sections above. NB: Many of the EPOC programs written in OPL will run on the emulator if you change the OPX files to emulator versions of the OPX files. I'll add some of these Wins OPX files in due course.

‘Lost & Found’ - 'Wins' files (Emulator)

File Description (189Kb) A PC emulator ('Wins') version of MBMView. MBMView was and is the graphics file viewer/manipulator for EPOC and handles MBM, Sketch, BMP, GIF, JPG, and TIFF file formats. Sadly its author - Lieuwe de Vries - died in late 2002. However his family have very kindly consented for his programs to be released freely to the community. Hence here is the last version he published (v4.12) with a generic registration code in the zip file so that his work can continue to be useful to those who never knew him or his software when he was alive. (349Kb) PhoneManPro - by Steve Godfrey of ZenoByte Software - allows you to send and receive SMS and edit the phonebook on your mobile phone using your EPOC machine. It supports both infrared and serial connections to your phone. You can also send email messages via SMS. Additional features, supported by some phones, include allowing you to edit operator logos, set up the ringing pattern on the phone and compose your own melody for the phone’s ring. Melodies can be saved, and Ring profiles allow you to quickly set the phone to a saved ring setup.

PhoneManPro was shareware for many years before being released with a generic registration code by Steve. Registration details are: Name: "freecode", Code: "94934055". (38Kb) PsiBio - by Michael Mährlein - is a biorhythm program for your Psion. The author is no longer active and no longer supports his program (so don't try to email him for support) but has kindly given permission for PsiBio to be hosted here. My thanks to Frank Galenzowski for sending this app. and for discussing with the author. Freeware. v1.22 (331Kb) A collection of replacement OPX files for use in WINS (emulator). These have been sent in by various people and/or gathered from various sources. If you have any more that you'd like to contribute please email them to me and I'll add them to the file. These files can be used to replace the standard OPX and associated files sometimes installed by OPL applications to allow them to run on the PC emulator. How can you tell if an application was written in OPL? Well, generally speaking if an application/program installs with OPX files then it's been written in OPL. If it doesn't use OPX files then it's either been written in C+ (and usually won't run on the emulator) or it's a simple program that doesn't need the extra features that an OPX might provide (and hence will probably run on the emulator without alteration).

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Friday, 31 March 2006