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Pscience5: Previous home page entries (2004)

Date Link Description
21/12/2004 Compact Flash... Stephan Richardson has sent in two large spreadsheets (one in MS Excel format, the other in EPOC Sheet) with his CF card measurements on his Series 5, 5mx, and Series 7. He's measured speeds on the following on each machine:- Internal memory, 10Mb CF, 32Mb CF, 48Mb CF, 64Mb CF, 96Mb CF, 128Mb CF, 320Mb CF, 512Mb CF, 340Mb IBM MicroDisk, 1Gb IBM MicroDisk. He's also included graphs comparing their performance and given complete formatting details. Both are now available for download on my Compact Flash page. Thanks Stephan!
20/12/2004 Articles... A new article uploaded to the Articles section: 'Thinking of buying a PDA?'. A guest article by Jon Baker where he explores the options and choices available as well as the decisions to be made by a potential PDA/Smartphone buyer. Available for download in EPOC Word and MS Word formats for reading offline as well. Many thanks Jon!
17/12/2004 Lost & Found... Procyon Pro updated and made freeware! Procyon X, Procyon XL, and ProcyonR for the 5/mx, 7/nB, and revo respectively are the astronomy programs from John Sussenbach and Pedro van Can. Previously John had released 'Light' versions of the 3 programs which could be updated to 'Pro' versions by the purchase of a shareware software key and adding extra files. He has now decided to make everything freeware however. Also, he has made some improvements to Procyon X and Procyon XL but - due to an issue with his ISP - he's been unable to update his website with any of this.

I have repackaged the SIS installation files so that they now install the full 'Pro' version together with the appropriate key in one process. I have also included Pdf captures of John's website to help explain what the programs can do. My thanks go to Kees van der Straten for 'negotiating' this with John - and of course to John himself for agreeing to make these excellent programs free!
14/12/2004 Lost & Found... Martin Maxwell's dpLatin program was recently made freeware and he suggested that I might like to host a copy here on Pscience5 - which of course I'm delighted to do! dpLatin is a searchable guide with more than 2000 common Latin terms and maxims in business, law, medicine, art and technology. It also contains commonly used quotes and maxims, most of which are of classic Roman and Greek origin.

Also - because they contain multpile zip files - a number of the Colour Icon zip files were found to contain the WinZip v9.0 compatibility issue described yesterday. Hence the Colour Icon files for A-C, F, G-J, K-L, P, and Q-R have all been 'fixed' and re-uploaded. My thanks to Joost van der Hall for pointing out one of the files at fault.
13/12/2004 Lost & Found... Finally got to the bottom of a problem that's been vexing me for a few weeks. I've had an increasing number of reports recently from various people about some of the zip files on Pscience5 being corrupt. I've been investigating and finally found the problem: all the files showing problems had been generated using RMRZip with the 'Archive type' accidentally set to 'Zip with icon' instead of 'Standard Zip'. I've tended to try and avoid this setting because of fears of possible incompatibility issues - and some of those fears have in fact now been realised. I'd not noticed any problems before because I'd been running WinZip v8.1 which didn't have a problem with either zip file setting. However, it turns out that WinZip v9.0 can't cope with the 'Zip with icon' type of file and reports it as corrupt (although apparently EPOC Navigator doesn't like it either). I guess that's the price of progress!

Anyway, I've now upgraded to v9.0 of WinZip on all my PCs and been through a recent backup of all my zip files to check them. I've uploaded 'fixed' versions of: ConvertPro, Lifeplan, Master, and the 3 language versions of WAP on the ‘Lost & Found’ page as well as EasyDoc, Email_Reply, ExAb, FlMailList, JBBL, Look4It, Merger, NDcode, PlaySound, ShowMBM, SpellOK, TinyTime, WebTools, and Wendat on the Macros page. I think that's it - although I may have missed one or two - so please do let me know if you find any more zip files that appear to be corrupt.
09/12/2004 Minor site update - added a Colour Icons button above as another shortcut. One other piece of news - the Pscience5 site was nearing the 50Mb limit on its server. I discovered however that for a minimal charge I could get this increased to 800Mb! Hence I'm pleased to report that there is now plenty of space for storing all the contributions and suggestions that people might like to send in. <hint, hint>
08/12/2004 Lost & Found... ResCodes (short for Resistor Codes) added to ‘Lost & Found’ page. Written by Gareth Clarke, it is a small program for working out the values of resistors and tolerances from their colour codes.

Some other general site updates and maintenance today.
07/12/2004 Lost & Found... My thanks to Fredrik Johansson who suggested this program for ‘Lost & Found’: 2ConnectU

2ConnectU was - as far as I can recall (or find out) - the commercial derivative sold by 2K systems of X-Soft's XConverter. Xconverter is/was a file conversion utility for EPOC - similar in function to nConvert from Neuon. 2K systems took this and added platform-independent connectivity with desktops using TCP/IP over the cable and using your desktop machine's web browser!

Both 2K systems and X-Soft's websites appear to have gone offline in early 2002 and certainly all the emails I've sent to them recently have bounced. Hence 2ConnectU would appear to be 'abandonware'.
06/12/2004 Lost & Found... Not so much ‘Lost & Found’ as ‘Not previously published’ (at least on the web)! Rolf Vonau is probably best know for being the author of 'DigestHandler' - a variant of which is used for the daily handling and publishing of The Digest (an EPOC / Symbian email digest - recommended if you've not seen it before). 'Groups' is a similar type of program for sending 'blind' email lists from your EPOC device. Rolf has kindly agreed for it to be published here.
04/12/2004 IconPatcher... Jon Baker spotted that the version of IconPatcher that was actually v1.1 - instead of the v1.2 advertised on the IconPatcher page! I've now uploaded the correct version. Sorry about that - and thanks for letting me know Jon!
03/12/2004 I've added some more buttons at the top of this main home page to help ease the navigation process. So now there's direct click access to the Lost & Found, Macros, and Overlays pages.
03/12/2004 Lost & Found... I've added to the ‘Lost & Found’ and Overlays pages. Not to be confused with Richard Gee's MakeOver for EPOC program, this is a DOS command-line program for generating overlay files from text files and visa-versa. Originally published by PalmTop as freeware in 1997, the program seems to have long since disappeared.
02/12/2004 Overlays... More than 20 new overlay files uploaded - for various countries and cities in Europe - again marked with a . These were kindly donated by Itamar Engelsman.
01/12/2004 Lost & Found... Added a version of Mbornes for the revo to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. This was kindly sent in by Kees van der Straten - I hadn't even realised that there was a version for the revo!
30/11/2004 Overlays... A few more overlay files - this time for London - marked with a . These ones kindly donated by David Steer. I still have quite a number of donated overlay files, icons, etc. in my inbox from various people and will try to get these up on the site as soon as possible - sorry for the delay!
29/11/2004 Lost & Found... Henk de Koning tipped me off that there was a problem with the PowerPoint converters installation files for Presentation Maker. I've checked and some of the files were indeed missing - now fixed for download. Thanks Henk!
26/11/2004 Lost & Found... Added Psion's Presentation Maker to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. Presentation Maker was a commercial application that was originally released for the Psion Series 5/mx, but is also compatible with a Series 7 or Netbook. It no longer appears to be commercially available anywhere (including Psion's own site via Expansys) and so I'm making it available here. Includes the necessary PsiWin converters and the original monochrome Clipart in English, Dutch, French, and German.
25/11/2004 Macros... Itamar Engelsman has kindly sent in some macros that weren't in my current list. These have been added to the macros page and I've marked them with a icon to make them easier to find!
24/11/2004 Overlays... Simon Dare kindly converted the Excel spreadsheet sent in yesterday to an EPOC Data file - I've added this to the Overlays page also.
23/11/2004 Overlays... David Steer has kindly donated an Excel spreadsheet for all the UK CityMaps. It identifies all the UK towns (over 27,700 of them) and then details which of the sis files (108 of them) the town is in. Basically it helps you figure out which file to load for the town you're looking for. He's also sent in an overlay file to name all the CityMaps on Route. Both are on the Overlays page.
22/11/2004 Previous home page entries... This main Pscience5 index page was beginning to overflow with entries so in order to try and manage this better, I've created an 'previous entries' page that can be accessed at the bottom of the page (or clicking on the link to the left here).
15/11/2004 Overlays... Finished off the TomTom Overlays page - added overlays for Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA. Now totals more than 200 different overlays.
12/11/2004 Overlays... More overlays added today: rest of Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Spain. More next week...
11/11/2004 Overlays... If you've been following any of the discussion at PDAStreet about TomTom's overlay files for RoutePlanner/CityMaps/etc. then you'll know that I've now got all of these files. I've added an 'Overlays' page to the site (see the Software section) and have started uploading them. Overlays for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, and some of Germany have been added so far...
10/11/2004 Software... Phil Aypee has kindly sent a file of quotes which I've added to the Databases page. Some other minor site updates.
08/11/2004 Software... And yet more colour icons/patches (kindly sent in by Fritz Waechter). I have also split some of the zip files again as some were getting too large for easy download. The new icons/patches are:

BatGauge (icon + patch), Compass (icon + patch), DCalc (icon x2 + patch x2), Dcustom (icon), HtmlDesigner (icon + patch), iBattery (icon), Navigator (another icon), Ocean (icons + patches for 5/mx and S7/nB versions), OpmMbm (colour patches for scroll bars), Px (icon), Quiz (icon), SafePlace (another icon + patch), SaveMail (icon), Scuba (icon), SunStar (icon + patch), TripPlus (icon), VRule (icon + patch).

This brings the total up to something like 352 replacement colour icons (aif files) and 128 colour patches for programs.

He's also kindly supplied a set of replacement clipart/maps for use with Presentation - in colour of course. These are provided as a separate download.
05/11/2004 Software... I've upload iBattery - by Ken Emmanuel - to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. It's a battery monitor for the netBook and Series 7 machines. It monitors your main battery, analyses how you use your Psion over time, and provides a range of statistics which are missing in the standard Psion power information dialog - as well as providing a graphical view. The program was originally shareware but I've been unable to contact its author and his website appears to be abandoned so I believe this is now 'Abandonware'.
03/11/2004 Software... More colour icons/patches kindly sent in by Simon Dare, Markus Heinermann, Matthew Walters, and Fritz Waechter). And there are more in my inbox for sorting and uploading so expect to see more in a few days - I may need to split some of the zip files again as some are getting quite large. Anyway, the new icons/patches are:

Agenda+ (icon + patch), BridgePro (patch), BusyView (patch), BusyView (alternative patch), ChemTools (icon + patch), EpocDos (icon), FinCalc (alternative icon + patch), FinCalc5 (icon), Gen5 (icon + patch), iContacts (patch), iContacts (alternative patch), KMBuch5 (icon + patch + screenshots), Kylom (patch - for use in Kylom apps. such as Porfolio), Logit (icon + patch), MoonClock (2 versions of patch - to colour the moon!), Phrase (alternative icon), PsiTris (icon + patch), Psolly (patch), RMRMonth (icon + patch), SolitaireDX (alternative icon + patch).

This brings the total up to something like 334 replacement colour icons (aif files) and 114 colour patches for programs.
01/11/2004 Software... Added M5Logger - a mileage logging program - to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. Minor updates to the Links page also.
29/10/2004 Software... Added DstEdit and DCustom to the ‘Lost & Found’ page - both programs from Makesure Services again.
28/10/2004 Software... Added DsLink to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. DsLink is a Windows program that allows your Psion to use your PC's internet connection (broadband, dial-up, etc,).
27/10/2004 Software... Added Psion/Symbian's (text) Editor program to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. Not really lost - but thought it'd be useful to have a copy handy...
25/10/2004 Software... I've now finished uploading, cataloguing, and sorting the bulk of the macros for the macros collection page - by macro name and author. There are now more than 150 macros available for use. I'm still actively looking for more/new macros to add to the collection so please feel free to let me know where there are more and/or to send them.
21/10/2004 Software... Doubled the number of macros in the Macro Collection to over 80 - more to follow. Added a few more links to the Links page...
20/10/2004 Software... As mentioned yesterday, I've started uploading macros harvested from Pascal Nicolas's site and others. I've added a new 'Macros' page in the software section of the site. I'm only about a third of the way through them so far and they're not sorted yet - but at least there's something there to look at and download...
19/10/2004 Links... More than a dozen new links added to the Links page. This brings the total up to more than 150 validated Psion links.

I note - with some sadness - that Pascal Nicolas's site has gone offline (I've left the link for the time being in case it's just temporary). Fortunately, I grabbed all the macros from it a few weeks ago and I'll be building a replacement macros page here at Pscience5 over the coming days/weeks - stay tuned...

Also, I'm looking for beta testers for the revo version of Macro5. It's early days yet and this beta only fixes the 'small' view and the task switcher so that they're both visible (the latter still needs to be re-sized better for the revo screen) - but at least the program is now usable on the revo. If you'd like a copy, please send an email to macro5 AT pscience5 DOT net (replacing the AT and DOT appropriately of course).
18/10/2004 Software... Added Lifeplan to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. "Lifeplan is an advanced personal information manager (PIM). It allows tasks to be sorted and filtered in up to 40 user-specified views. Tasks can cascade in an outline-like structure..." So said the blurb from Lexden Computer Services before they moved websites and lost all previous references to Lifeplan. However, they were offering it with a free registration code latterly and have kindly given permission for me to offer it here again with that same registration code.
17/10/2004 Software... Added the latest/last versions of 'Web' optimised for the S7/netBook and revo/mako to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. Slight update to the Links page - a few new links added.
15/10/2004 Software... Added the latest version of the Psion WAPBrowser to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. Installations for English, French, and German.
14/10/2004 Software... Added ConvertPro to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. ConvertPro - by Purple Software - is an extensible conversions program for all EPOC machines. It handles conversions for Acceleration, Area, Circles, Currency, Dates, Density, Energy, General Constants, Illuminance, Length, Mass, Multiples, Permutations, Power, Pressure, Temperatures, VAT Calculations, Velocity, and Volumes as standard. I've also included a importable category covering WeightWatchers Points.

It was originally a commercial product but was given away for free by Purple after a while - hence why I've included it here. If anyone has any additional categories of their own, please feel free to send them to me and I'll include them in this download file.
07/10/2004 Hints & Tips... Some minor additions to the Hints & Tips and Links pages today...
05/10/2004 Software... Mark Whiskin kindly pointed out that the registration code supplied for Invasion on my ‘Lost & Found’ page didn't work. I've uploaded a revised version which does (I've checked this time!). Sorry for any inconvenience - and thanks again to Mark.
30/09/2004 Software... Uploaded MasterMind to ‘Lost & Found’ page. MasterMind was written and released as freeware by the late Lieuwe de Vries in 1997. It is the classic Mastermind game using letters - 4, 6, or 8 different letters - to represent the different possible colour combinations (it was written prior to colour EPOC machines). In re-releasing it here, all I have done is re-package his original manual installation into a SIS file for ease of use and added the option of installing colour icon files (kindly supplied by Fritz Waechter). NB: The colour toolbar icons don't appear properly on colour machines as Lieuwe did not use masking when he wrote the program originally - it wasn't necessary on a monochrome machine. The program was written for the Psion Series 5 but will also work on a 5mx, Ericsson MC218, and netPad. It will also work on a Series 7 or netBook in 'letterbox' mode. It won't work on a revo/mako as it won't correctly fit the screen.
28/09/2004 Software... Thanks largely to the efforts of Phil Aypee, I'm pleased say that contact's been made with the family of the late Lieuwe de Vries - and they've kindly consented to his programs being released freely to the EPOC community in his memory. Hence my earlier release of MBMView is now legitimate and I've just uploaded a copy of his BusyView program + reg. code to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. BusyView gives 4 additional views for your Agenda file(s): Busy view, Calendar view, List view, and Horizontal view.
25/09/2004 Software... Uploaded the IMAP4 patch from Psion to the ‘Lost & Found’ page. It lets you use IMAP4 email with your ER5 email program.
21/09/2004 Articles... I wrote a review back in March of this year of DreamConnect - the Contacts replacement program. It was intended to be published around that time as a comparative review alongside Craig Murphy's review of iContacts at Foxpop. Due to Foxpop going offline at that time, it was never published. Here it is - slightly updated.
20/09/2004 Software... I've released an unsupported beta of a little utility. APDialer (or more fully 'Airport Dialer') is an early beta of a Java utility that I've written a basic EPOC front-end for. It provides dial-up control of an Apple Airport WiFi Access Point when using its 56K modem. I wrote this months ago intending to improve it for a proper release. However, with the impending arrival of ADSL at Guthrie Towers, that's not likely to happen. Rather than condemn it to unpublished hell, here it is - somewhat clunky and fairly unsupported for anyone that wants it.
17/09/2004 Software... Links for two versions of nZip added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page today. Also minor additions made to the Links page.
16/09/2004 Software... Two more programs added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page: Mbornes5 and Mbornes7 - for Series 5 and Series 7 type machines respectively.

Also, the 'M' colour icons file I uploaded yesterday was corrupt - my apologies. I've uploaded a new one. Thanks to Toni Woodward for pointing this out.
15/09/2004 Software... More colour icons/patches from Fritz Waechter. I've also split the zip files down further to make downloading easier - there are now 8 individual download zips instead of the original 4. Anyway, the new icons/patches are:

CronTab (alternative version), DriveMap, Feiertag, Fonts, Invaders, Julian (alternative version), LineCount, MakeLink, MyEpoc (alternative version), Problem, Puzzle, ReDate, Regedit, RevTran, RuR (+ patch), Shortcut, SolitaireDX (+ patch), VoiceMan5 (alternative version), Webcol.
10/09/2004 Articles... I've written a new article: Using PsiDat to run your website. It describes how it's possible to use Kevin Millican's excellent (and free) PsiDat application to create and maintain a website from your EPOC machine.
09/09/2004 Software... ebc has been upgraded to v1.09. I've increased the number of installed programs that ebc can handle from 200 to 500. I discovered that the program would crash if you had more than 200 programs installed and you selected the 'Single Application' button.
08/09/2004 Software... Another program added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page: FixIt. Purple Software's freeware phone number update program. Originally released to coincide with the UK's 'Big Number' change in 2000, FixIt is designed to update phone numbers stored in your Data or Contacts database to reflect changes to area dialling codes.
07/09/2004 Software... Two new files added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page:

1) The beta (well, alpha really...) Ethernet drivers originally released by Psion for the Series 7 - reported to work on the mBook also.
2) The TCP/IP updates released by Psion to fix the 'Port 135' issue that could sometimes lock up Opera, etc. Also includes the IrLAN drivers.
06/09/2004 Software... Fritz Waechter has been busy again and tweaked his colour patch for 'Invasion' again. So for all you die-hard Invasion fans, this has now replaced the file in the Colour Icons file and on the ‘Lost & Found’ page. :¬)
03/09/2004 Software... Prar kindly pointed out that there were problems on the Clock5 download page (like - perhaps - actually being able to download the programs for example!). Now all fixed I think. My apologies to anyone that also had problems with this. Also a minor update to the Links page.
02/09/2004 Software... Fritz Waechter has been extremely busy recently and sent me a collection of more than 80 colour icons and more than 25 colour patches to add to the Colour Icons collection. I've now done this and uploaded them. The files are getting pretty large so I'll probably reorganise them later this week. Anyway, this now brings the collection up to some 303 replacement colour icons (aif files) and 94 colour patches for programs. Thanks Fritz!
01/09/2004 Software... Two more programs from PelicanSoft added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page: Charmap is a freeware utility similar to Character Map in Windows and Logit - kindly sent in by Andrew Moorhouse - is a client/customer time logging and management program.
28/08/2004 Articles... I've written and uploaded a brief article called 'GPS on a netBook'. It describes my recent experiences of using a CF GPS card on my netBook. Downloadable in zipped EPOC Word format.
27/08/2004 Software... Added 'NotePad' and a set of NotePad plugins to the ‘Lost & Found’ page.
26/08/2004 Software... Fritz Waechter has very kindly generated a replacement colour icon and graphics patch for Invasion (see the ‘Lost & Found’ page). I've added this to the appropriate downloadable colour icon/graphics file as well - but at 296Kb for that file, I thought people might like an individual download too!
25/08/2004 Links... A couple more links added to the Links page - one of which is for the new @FOXPOP website, the re-incarnation of FoxPop. Well worth a visit and I'll be contributing more articles there myself over the coming weeks and months.
23/08/2004 Back from my hols - to a deluge of email! Even after I've filtered all the spam and viral email, I've got over 60 emails to read and/or respond to. Please bear with me for a few days whilst I get that done... Thanks, MG.
06/08/2004 Please note that I'm now on vacation until 22nd August. I probably won't be checking my email during this period and there certanily won't be any site updates. I will be taking my trusty netBook with me however as I've got plenty EPOC stuff to be getting on with whilst I'm away! :¬)
03/08/2004 Links... A couple more links added to the Links page...
30/07/2004 Software... Another program added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page: Invasion by Thomas Ashton.
28/07/2004 Software... Added a couple more programs to the ‘Lost & Found’ site: Encore and SafePlace - both ex. freeware from Palmtop (now TomTom). Also a few new links added to the Links page.
27/07/2004 Software... One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that Space Invader5 has been updated slightly - it now plays in colour on Series7, netBook, etc.! I haven't gone bug hunting in the code yet so there are still a few 'funnies' going on - but it does look a lot better on the big screen.

And (at long last!) the final piece of site maintenance: the VoiceMan5 and Wallpaper pages have been ported over to the new PsiDat format. That means that the whole site is now maintained on - and from - my netBook. It's uploaded (wirelessly over WiFi of course!) direct to my website - doesn't even get a whiff of a PC! ;¬) A few people have asked me to write an article describing how this is done (i.e. how you can use PsiDat to do this) and this is something I'm planning on doing quite soon. In any case, I can now concentrate on some more interesting stuff over the next few weeks...
26/07/2004 Software... Ewan Spence has kindly donated some more colour icons (.aif files) for brightening up our colour ER5 machines: Defrag5, Mappergb, OplError, Orga, and Tactile. These've been added to the files on the Colour Icons pages.

And more site maintenance: the Palette, Space Invader5, and Toggle! pages have been ported over to the new format.
23/07/2004 Software... More site maintenance: the IconPatcher, MCI, and psAddle pages have all been ported over to the new format.
22/07/2004 Software... More programs added to the ‘Lost & Found’ page: MBMView, SoundTrans, and Symlink - all with generic registration codes. To find out why and for further details, see the page.
20/07/2004 Software... More site maintenance: the Clock5, Clock6, and Project Galactic Guide pages have all been ported over to the new format.
19/07/2004 Software... As promised a few weeks ago, I've added a new page for collecting old or forgotten EPOC programs. Hence, 'Lost & Found' is:

"A collection of EPOC software that was at risk of evaporating into the ether without trace. If you're looking for a specific program and can't find it, have a look here. Alternatively make a suggestion for appropriate candidates to be added to the collection. It'd be a shame for all those hard-developed bits & bytes to go to waste...!"

To start the collection off in a non-controvercial fashion (that may change soon enough!), 'Clueless' by Damien Lewis is a freeware crossword program capable of importing and running standard crossword format files...
15/07/2004 Articles... My article on Digital Cameras has been updated and ported to the new format (as has my Hardware & Software page). A few new links added to the Links page also.
13/07/2004 Software... ... and now the Colour Icons page has been ported over to the new format too.

Fed up with a drab looking Extras bar on what's supposed to be an all-singing, all-dancing colour machine? Would you like to replace all the grayscale icons on the Extras bar of your Psion Series 7 / netBook / netPad with colour ones? Here's a collection of icons to let you do just that! Also separate colour patches available for Atelier's SimCity, Psion Monopoly, and EPOC Email synchronisation.
12/07/2004 Articles... The Compact Flash page has now been ported over to the new site format.

Want to know how to double the usable formatted capacity of your 16Mb CF card? Or how to double the speed of your 96Mb card? This page describes in some detail the different ways of formatting CF cards and the techniques for optimising the capacity of smaller cards and the speed of larger cards.
08/07/2004 Software... I've updated the Database page (on the Software page) to the new style and added a number of new useful databases. The page is also now dedicated to the memory of Darryl Kempster who was brutally murdered in South Africa in June 2004. Darry was a long-time Psion user and contributed a number of the files on the page.

Also transitioned all the Infrared pages (on the Articles page) over to the new format.
01/07/2004 Articles... Another article that I wrote for FoxPop about a year ago. This one describing Simon Quinn's EBook program and exploring the slightly clandestine topic of illicit eBooks!
29/06/2004 Links... Quite a bit of website activity continuing in the background just now. Nothing to announce just yet - apart from a few more links added to the Links page in the past few days... :¬)
25/06/2004 I've now replaced the drop-down navigation menu at the top of all the new Pscience5 pages with some nice (and easier to use) animated buttons.
24/06/2004 Articles... I've converted a number of the old pages over to the new format (e.g. 'Why Write Freeware?', 'Hints & Tips', and the 'Newsletter' page) and also added a couple of things that I originally published on the FoxPop website last year.

The first of these is my article on why I returned to using EPOC (entitled 'Back to the Future with a netBook') and secondly a series of articles about using WiFi on a netBook. See the 'Articles' page for more details.
21/06/2004 Links... Finally finished re-qualifying and updating everything on the Links page - whew! Added a few new links too. I've removed the old 'Commercial Links' page since there weren't that many companies that it still applied to and added those that were still relevant into the main Links page. Also removed the old 'Link to Pscience5' page and added appropriate details to the bottom of the new Links page. However the upshot of this - as planned - is that it's now much easier to maintain it, add new links, etc. So send your EPOC/Psion link on down to me now! ;¬)
17/06/2004 Links... Started sorting through all the old links (and links images) that I had on the old site today. Sad to see so many of the former once-great Psion web sites that simply no longer exist (e.g. 5-Alive, PlanetEpoc, PlanetRevo, PsionKing, RevoAtHome, StartAtEpoc, etc., etc.). Made me realise how important it is therefore to a) capture those that are still around, and b) save some of the software (especially freeware) that's fading into the ether...

To that end I'm a) in the process of re-qualifying my EPOC links page and switching it over to the new 'PsiDat' format, and b) starting to collect 'lost but not forgotten' EPOC software with a view to starting a page to host these programs on. Bear with me while the Links page gets re-built over the next few days - you can browse it as a 'work in progress' now.
15/06/2004 Software... Pscience5 is back - and with a new look! I've switched from generating the Pscience5 pages using M$ FrontPage on a PC to Kevin Millican's quite excellent PsiDat on my netBook (at last, ahem - I've been talking with him about doing it for almost a year!). The upshot of this is that there'll be a lot more regular updates than there have been recently. The list of my software has moved to a new Programs page and my articles have gone to an Articles page - things will just be generally better organised. :¬) Use the Quick Navigation Menu above to jump to the various sections until I get some nicer buttons organised.

This home page will become more newsy and bloggy in style. The other pages on the site will also gradually transition over to the new style in the coming days and weeks in preparation for some new content so my apologies if it looks a little 'lean' just now but it will start to grow very, very soon... :¬)
15/06/2004 Macro5... As many of you may have noticed from the FreEPOC web site, I've updated Pascal Nicolas's Macro5 program to v2.45 in order to support colour and the netBook/Series 7/etc. larger screens. I'm working on revo compatibility and a few other things now...
15/06/2004 ebc... Again, as you may have seen from the FreEPOC site, ebc has been upgraded to v1.08 to reflect the new Macro5 icon from the updated version of Macro5 (above).

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Friday, 31 March 2006