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Lost & Found is a collection of EPOC software that was at risk of evaporating into the ether without trace - what's commonly known as 'Abandonware'. If you're looking for a specific program and can't find it, have a look here. Alternatively please make a suggestion for appropriate candidates to be added to the collection. It'd be a shame for all those hard-developed bits & bytes to go to waste...! Occasionally I might also add a few freeware programs that are still around just because they're useful additions to the database.

Some of the software provided here may be 'shareware+key' or commercial. In these cases however a) the author and/or company is no longer around and/or in business, b) they've been 'away' from the EPOC scene for a significant length of time and appear extremely unlikley to return, and c) I've made reasonable efforts to contact them, any associated company, and/or relatives seeking response. I'll give details of this in each case. If any author or company finds its software here which it believes should not be, please contact me and it will be removed immediately.

New: Due to the increasing number of programs and files, I've organised the pages below into different categories for ease of finding whatever it is you're looking for. Of course, there's still the old 'all you can eat' view at the top of the list if you prefer! (Although this doesn't include either the Documents page or any of the Psion pages)

In the case of 'shareware + key' software, the registration keys will be generic - i.e. registered to 'Everyone', '', etc. All software is provided on an 'as-is' basis. I will not provide support for it except where specifically mentioned - and almost certainly the original author is no longer supporting it (otherwise it wouldn't be here!). NB: If an application icon is shown in colour one these pages but doesn't appear to be present after you've run the program a couple of times then it may be an icon that I've generated myself - see my Colour Icons page in the Software section for details. On the other hand, if the program installs with a B/W icon and you can't find one in my collection - then run the program again. It may have switched to a colour icon itself... ;¬)

NB - Note to webmasters: If you'd like to link directly to these Lost & Found pages then please link to this central page here and not to the sub-pages or to the files themselves as those are liable to change and/or move around without notice. Thank you. :¬)

‘Lost & Found’

Link Description
Looking for... A list of software that I'm actively looking for in order to add it to the ‘Lost & Found’ collection. Please have a look and let me know if you can contribute anything - thanks! Similarly, if you are looking for a particular program that might fall into my ‘Lost & Found’ definition, let me know. If I can't find it I'll add it to the list here and maybe someone else can help in turn.
All of Everything Essentially the 'old view' of this page - all the ‘Lost & Found’ files in one long list for easy perusal. Sorted alphabetically (although program names starting with lower-case letters come after everything else). Excludes everything from the SiBO section below onwards however.
Applications Theoretically a page of programs that might be categorised as fully-fledged 'applications' (as opposed to utilities, etc.). However it's also likely to be a 'catch-all' to a certain extent for programs that don't naturally fall into the categories.
Communications Anything to do with the Web or Connectivity on or with your EPOC machine.
Documents A collection of documents of whatever format - descriptions, clipart, sounds, user manuals, etc.
Games Amusements. Distractions. Diversions. Frolics. Fun. Merriment. Play. Recreation. ...Enjoyment!
PIM & Database Personal Information Management and Database programs. Anything to do with Agenda files, time-management, contacts, time-logging, and personal data generally.
Travel & Language Travel & Languages - anything even vaguely to do with them! Phrase books, dictionaries, vehicle & mileage tracking, GPS, and conversion/exchange utilities.
Utilities & System Stuff Utilities, tweaks, and system applications...
SiBO Section A few people have asked me if I'd also be prepared to host Lost & Found SiBO (i.e. Series 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx) programs. I am - although my own ancient 3a lies broken at the back of a dusty drawer somewhere. So I'm happy to host the files - but must rely totally on what people send me and tell me about what they send. That said, please feel free to send anything you feel qualifies here. :¬)
'Wins' files Emulator-specific versions (sometimes known as 'Wins' version) of some of the EPOC programs in the sections above. NB: Many of the EPOC programs written in OPL will run on the emulator if you change the OPX files to emulator versions of the OPX files. I'll add some of these Wins OPX files in due course.
Programming corner Programming stuff. Whether it be snippets of code that I've picked up myself and saved from my own program editing floor or specific routines from others, this is where they'll be stored!
Printers! It was suggested to me by a Pscience5 contributor recently that it'd be useful to have an online collection of User Manuals for printers that are known to work with Psion's. This because many of the original printers that were known to work with them are no longer available new and are tending to be bought 2nd-hand from eBay, etc. - often without manuals. Also, there are probably a number of new printers that work directly with the Psions and/or using Andrew Johnson's drivers - but no one seems to be keeping tabs on which do and which don't. So this is just such a collection of manuals. Also, Andrew Johnson has kindly given me permission to link directly to his driver file downloads here as well as keep local copies of everything lest 'something happen' to his website.
i27 This is a collection of the software formerly available on Mark O'Neill's i27 site. Between early 1999 and mid 2002, Mark wrote some interesting and fun apps for EPOC. Some of these are already available on FreEPOC's site but I wanted to offer a slightly more complete selection here.
Neuon Stuff "Take the future in hand." So said the tagline on Neuon's website and for many years they did! Neuon was one of the leading shareware (and indeed freeware) software houses during EPOC's hayday; writing many innovative and in some cases arguably definitive applications for the platform. Towards the end of 2005, Neuon announced that they were no longer accepting registrations for their shareware apps. and there have also been some site stability issues. Hence I am providing an alternative download location for their programs here.
PocketIQ Page "Clever PDA Software." The headline for many years on PocketIQ's website. "We are committed to providing you with top quality shareware and freeware software for your Psion or other Symbian/EPOC compatible computer." PocketIQ was an EPOC spin-off site from Palmscape I think and took over the sales/marketing of a reasonably large collection of mostly shareware applications. The website was a bit intermittent for the first few months of this year (2006) and eventually went completely offline around mid-year. Hence I'll start to try to capture all the applications and associated files that used to be available on their website.
Xtep Software This is a collection of the software formerly available on Xtep's site. Between early 2004 and the end of 2005 Juan J. Villacorta ('Xtep') wrote some very interesting software for manipulating and editing the OS ROM images for netBooks / mBooks / 5mxPros / netPads. However, he's now switched to the Zaurus Linux platform and is planing to close his site down shortly. Juan has kindly agreed that I host his software here on the Pscience5 site.
Psion Support Files: EPOC A capture of all the Psion support files sometimes available at in the 'MyPsion' downloads section for all the available EPOC devices (revo, revo+, Series 5, 5mx, 5mxPro, Series 7, and netBook). These were originally split out into different pages for each device but since there is so much file duplication, I decided to put everything onto one page with a description saying which machine(s) it applies to.
Psion Support Files: SiBO A capture of all the Psion support files sometimes available at in the 'MyPsion' downloads section for all the available Series 3 range of devices (Series 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx).
Psion Support Files: Other A capture of all the Psion support files sometimes available at in the 'MyPsion' downloads section for all the 'other' software files available (i.e. not EPOC or SiBO specific).

I'd also recommend looking at the following websites for 'lost' software:-

Mike McConnell's site where he's put a lot of Psion's own programs and updates that are no longer available from Psion:

Steve Litchfield keeps an offline backup of just about everything psion-related on the 3-Lib CD library. Especially handy for those wanting everything in one go or who have dial-up links. For details see:



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