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psAddle - an addictive numbers strategy game for your EPOC PDA

Page Created: 22nd December, 1999


images/psAddleIcon.gif (94Kb)


psAddle awarded a 5-star rating from FoxPoppsAddle awarded a 5-star rating from FoxPoppsAddle awarded a 5-star rating from FoxPoppsAddle awarded a 5-star rating from FoxPop
psAddle was given a 5-star (i.e. 5/5) mini-review by Alan Barlow at FoxPop
Darren Prescott at EPOCGamer reviewed psAddle and gave it a 'Recommended' award
Click here to read Christopher Hurley's review of psAddle at Frevo...
"psAddle is a hopelessly, even abominably addictive game"

Compatible with: Psion Series 5 Psion 5mxSeries 7 Ericsson MC218GeofoxnetBookRevoOregan Scientific Osaris

psAddle - an addictive numbers strategy game for any EPOC machine!

Click to see screenshots from the Revo, Series 7, and Osaris...

Latest update (v1.41):

2-Player mode now available on all machines in addition to the Easy, Normal, and Hard modes against the machine.

New functionality added to the 'New' button in the toolbar (see screenshot above).

Some minor bug-fixes.

Previous update (v1.3):

Now fully compatible with the Series 7 and netBook (full screen display, colour, and extra toolbar button).

Also fully compatible with the Oregon Scientific Osaris.

Installing psAddle:

Installation information is available in the file above.

What is psAddle?:

It's the game of Addle ported to the Psion (see the Acknowledgements section below). psAddle is a simple but addictive numbers strategy game played against the Psion (or against another person). There are 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard - as well as the 2-Player mode.

Game objectives:

Beat the machine's Score (or your opponent's) by as much as possible

Improve upon your own Best Score for that level

Beat the machine's Best Score (or your opponent's) and number of Wins

Start by taking any 'highlighted' number from the grid (i.e. tap on one of the cells in the raised line on the grid). The Psion (or your opponent) then has to select from the column/row you've chosen. The game is over when either player cannot move or all the numbers have been used up.

See the psAddle help file (accessed from the game) for full details of how to play, scoring, etc.

Program features:

Guaranteed 100% best quality freeware!
Standard .sis file installation
Starts out simple - but strategies to beat the machine can be very challenging
2-Player mode included
Enhanced with sound and animated graphics
Game remembers previous scores, best scores, and preferences
Fully compatible with all EPOC machines up to ER5 - i.e. Psion Series 5, Geofox One, Psion 5mx, Psion Revo, Oregon Scientific Osaris, Psion Series 7, Psion netBook, Ericsson MC218, Psion Revo Plus, Diamond Mako
Needs ~ 120Kb disk space on your machine and (coincidentally) about 120Kb free to run in


psAddle has been tested on an 8Mb Series 5, a 16Mb 5mx, a Revo, an Osaris, a Series 7, and a netBook.


psAddle was originally written for the Psion by John Peat ( and he supported it until recently up to v1.01b. Unfortunately - due to other commitments - John was not able to continue to support or develop his programs as he would have liked. Consequently, FreEPOC have agreed to take over John's programs. And in the case of psAddle, that means me!


If you've any questions or comments, I can be contacted by emailing me at Anti-SPAM email image: just type it in as you read it.  :).

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Saturday, 1 April 2006