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This is a collection of multiple/cross-platform SDictionary (.dct) files that work with Alexey Semenov's SDict program on the Psion platform.

I'd also recommend looking here: for a much larger collection!

Sdictionary files

File Version Source Description
Afrikaans-English (103Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov An Afrikaans - English dictionary. 4,198 entries.
Danish-English (80Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Danish - English dictionary. 3,323 entries.
Dutch-English (408Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Dutch - English dictionary. 18,244 entries.
English Dictionary (Idioms) (1.2Mb) 1.0 Alexey Semenov A collection of English idioms / expressions. 8,560 entries.
English Dictionary (Main) (7.0Mb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov The definitive English dictionary. 45,897 entries.
English Dictionary (New words) (631Kb) 1.0 Alexey Semenov New words English dictionary. 1,159 entries.
English Dictionary (Synonyms) (2.6Mb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov English dictionary of synonyms - i.e. a Thesaurus. 9,142 entries.
English-Spanish (457Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov An English - Spanish dictionary. 22,527 entries.
Finnish-English (56Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Finnish - English dictionary. 2,063 entries.
French-English (790Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A French-English dictionary. 41,398 entries.
German-English (2.5Mb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A German - English dictionary. 96,803 entries.
Hungarian-English (3.6Mb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Hungarian - English dictionary. 131,568 entries.
Italian-English (310Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov An Italian - English dictionary. 12,156 entries.
Latin-English (144Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Latin - English dictionary. 4,453 entries.
Norwegian-English (173Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Norwegian - English dictionary. 8,440 entries.
Portuguese-English (130Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Portuguese - English dictionary. 6,106 entries.
Spanish-English (542Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Spanish - English dictionary. 23,670 entries.
Swahili-English (20Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Swahili - English dictionary. 759 entries.
Swedish-English (705Kb) 1.1 Alexey Semenov A Swedish - English dictionary. 30,260 entries.

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Friday, 31 March 2006