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A collection of Tomeraider files that I've collected for personal use and which I thought I should share. If you have a particular TR file that you think is a) really useful, and b) worth sharing then please feel free to email it to me and I'll add it to the collection.

You might wonder why I've zipped these files when they're compressed already. Well, you can still gain between 5-10% of extra compression using 'ultra' zip compression - and on the larger files that's worth having!

Tomeraider files

File Source Description
CIA World Factbook 2003 (1.7MB) MemoWare The World Factbook is prepared and updated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US and released to the public domain. It contains information about every country in terms of Introduction, Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues.
Dilberts Laws (1KB) Unknown A small collection of Dilbert truisms.
Europe Data (803KB) Mike Hughes Large collection giving information on almost every major town, city, or region in Europe.
Famous Quotes (175KB) Unknown A large collection of famous quotes (or rather, quotes from famous people!) from A.A.Milne to Zoroaster. Very useful for impressing people!
First Names (131KB) Unknown Large collection of English first names. Useful if you're expecting a baby - or just want to know what your name means!
Jargon (787KB) Steve Hodgson This is the Tomeraider version of The Jargon File - a collection of slang terms used by various subcultures of computer hackers. It contains 2321 lexical entries and 5763 internal links and was converted from an original 2.88Mb HTML version in February 2001.
Oxford (6.2MB) Unknown A certain well-known dictionary. I've no idea who converted it or how many entries it has but it does support the TR2 hyperlinking and is an invaluable resource. It unzips to about 6.7Mb.
Pan Galactic Guide (1.3MB) Andrew Flegg An alternative to my own PGG program, this TR file contains 1534 cross-referenced entries. Basically; if you want to know anything about Life, the Universe, or Everything - it'll be in the guide!
Rogers Thesaurus (2.1MB) Unknown Almost as useful as the OED, this is an invaluable resource to have on your handheld.
Trivopaedia (113KB) Steve Litchfield Steve's excellent resource of essential trivia that you always need to be able to lay your hands on at a moments notice! v2.0
UK City Info. (920KB) Unknown Large collection giving information on almost every town, city, or region in the UK and ROI.
UK Data (733KB) Mike Hughes Updated version of UK Towns & Cities data file.
Wine Guide (124KB) Andrew Jones A database of many wines detailing Varietal, Appellation, Style, Price (Stockist), WOW Rating, and Date reviewed.

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Thursday, 1 June 2006